Signalling Papers

Similar in principle to Research Notes, these are treatise on specific aspects of signalling written by Society members.

Many of them will be of great value to anyone learning about signalling, perhaps with a view to a career in signalling or as a volunteer on a Heritage Railway.

Please note that the paper copies are created to order and that they do not come direct from the Bookstall. Despatch times will be noticeably longer in consequence.

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Electric Token Block Instruments
Signalling Paper No.11 Author: D Stirling, 1991. Photocopy. ..
Great Western 3-bar Tappet Frames
Signalling Paper No.2 A detailed description of the Great Western Railway's 3-bar tappet interloc..
Great Western 5-bar Tappet Frames
Signalling Paper No.3 A detailed description of the Great Western Railway's 5-bar tappet interloc..
Great Western Twist Frames
Signalling Paper No.4 A detailed description of the Great Western Railway's Twist Frames. A usefu..
Introduction to Belgian Signalling
Signalling Paper No.14 Author: R O Lemon, 1997. Photocopy. ..
Introduction to French Signalling
Signalling Paper No.13 Author: R O Lemon, 1995. Photocopy. ..
Long & Short Tablet Working in Scotland
Signalling Paper No.7 Author: D Stirling, 1986 Photocopy. ..
Principles of Tappet Interlocking
Signalling Paper No.1 The history of tappet interlocking and an explanation of how the various fo..
Scottish Region Tokenless Block
Signalling Paper No.10 Author: F Alexander, 1989. Photocopy. ..
Signal Box Diagrams of Great Western Railway and British Railways Western Region
Signalling Paper No.8 Author: A Price, 1987 Photocopy. ..
Signalling The Layout 1900-1914 GWR
Signalling Paper No.6 Great Western Railway practice 1900 to 1914. Author: J P Morris, 1984 ..
Signalling The Layout 1915-1947 GWR
Signalling Paper No.9 Great Western Railway practice 1915 to 1947. Author: J P Morris, 1988. ..
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