About Us

Our Purpose

The Society was founded in 1969 for the study of Railway Signalling and Operation in the British Isles and Overseas.

This remains the prime purpose of the Society.

How We Do This

Our members record the events of today so that knowledge will be available for the researchers of tomorrow. At the same time they record the events of yesterday so that historic information is available now and in the future.

We maintain an archive of paper based records which can be accessed by personal visit by both members and the public in general.

We also maintain a digital archive of some of these records and some of these records can be downloaded from our web site.

Who Benefits From Being A Member?

First and foremost YOU, the person reading this.

Technical people working on the railway or for one of the manufacturers and suppliers of signalling equipment, including those working as volunteers in the heritage sector.

People working in signalling or railway operation activities, whether this be as a full time employee of a railway company or as a volunteer in the heritage railway or museum sector.

Researchers and authors seeking that elusive signalling fact they need to complete their masterpiece.

Modellers who want to ensure their layout is as realistic as possible, especially if working signalling is contemplated, and reflects correct operational practice. Where the model is of a real location, seeking factual detail to achieve accuracy.

Retired people who wish to keep in touch with what is going on or reminisce and share their experiences with others.

And enthusiasts. Indeed, anyone with an interest in signalling.

What Benefits Do I Get As A Member?

You can read more about this and our origins on the About page of our web site. On that page you will find a link to a page showing our current rates of subscription and a membership application form.

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